"Alterations", mixed media painting
"Night Watch"
"Thank God for Coupons"
"Tipping Point", part 1,2 & 3
"Shadows", mixed media painting
"Hush", mixed media painting
Day of the Dead Inspired Buttons
"Partial to the Moon"
"Abstract in Blue"
"The Insurrection"
"Cryptic", mixed media painting
"Glad to Have You with Us"
Handmade Ceramic Buttons
"Hopes for the Future"
Handmade Ceramic Buttons
"Branches with Blue Background"
"When One Door Closes"
Handmade Ceramic Tiles
"Macroverse", part 1 & 2
"Table for Two"
Handmade Ceramic Funny Face Button
"Calla Leaves," part 1, 2 & 3
Three Tree Studies
"Somewhere in Maine"
"The Cyclist & the Slow Sad Song"
"Thicket", mixed media painting
Handmade Ceramic Wine Charms
"The Unexpected Visitor"
Handmade Ceramic Buttons
"Gizmo", mixed media painting
"A Constant State of Flux"
"Where Things Begin and End"
Handmade Ceramic Sheep Buttons
"All in Good Time"
"A Common Thread"
Handmade Ceramic Charms
Loose Change
Handmade Ceramic Earrings
Day of the Dead Inspired Button
"A Memory is a Physical Thing"
"A Safe Place"
"Small Spaces", part one
"After the Rain"
"Big in the Underground"
Handmade Ceramic Beads
"A Place in Time"
Handmade Ceramic Tile
"Remnants", mixed media painting
"Echo", mixed media painting
"November Showers"
"Sea Change", mixed media painting
"Small Spaces", part two
Handmade Ceramic Buttons
"A Pug of a Different Color"
Handmade Ceramic Buttons
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